Mengapa Perlu Youtube? Dalam bisnis online.

Kita tahu dalam bisnis online perkara yang penting adalah trafik. Tanpa trafik maka bisnis online mati. Apapun bisnisnya kalau secara online harus punya trafik. Semakin besar trafik semakin besar ‘kesuksesan’ bisnis online. 

Untuk mendapatkan trafik ada bermacam cara. Bisa menggunakan cara berbayar (iklan), bisa tidak berbayar (organik). Ada banyak jalan untuk ke 2 cara tersebut. 

Disini diperlihatkan bagaimana youtube bisa juga mendatangkan trafik ke web penawaran atau penjualan kita. Kita tahu youtube memiliki trafik yang sangat tinggi. Sehingga kitapun bisa menggunakannya untuk mendatangkan trafik ke bisnis online kita.

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Facebook Ads Biaya Rendah

Learn how to run Facebook Ads with a small budget. Are you a business owner who is looking at running Facebook ads on a budget or you just want to learn how to run Facebook ads? Then this video tutorial is for you, you would learn how to effectively run Facebook ads on a very low budget. Kindly SUBSCRIBE to my Channel for more marketing tips.


0:00 An Intro to Facebook Ads

0:28 5 Ways to Run Facebook Ads with Low Budget

0:46 Create a Realistic Marketing Goal

2:05 Create a Very Compelling Ad Creative

3:04 Repurpose Organic Post on Facebook

4:08 Target the Right Audience with Ads Manager

6:00 Use Custom Audience for Retargeting

This Facebook Advertising guide is for any type of individual or business owner who wants to run Facebook ads on a low budget by following the steps in this Facebook ads tutorial.

Let me know in the comment section if you need some guidance on how to successfully run Facebook ads with a small budget.

Facebook Ads, Facebook Ads Tutorial, Facebook Ads for Beginners

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In this video, I’m going to show you some of the most common mistakes you can do when setting up your Facebook Ads, and how you can fix them. It’s not rocket science; I’m just going to need a bit of your time and effort!


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Your Facebook Ads already have so much potential; the question is, are you using them correctly?

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If you are looking to start a dropshipping business in 2020, this video series is definitely for you.

Dropshipping Australia

What does the Facebook boycott say about the evolution of brands and how they can be a powerful voice for change,


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About This Video:

In this video, we discuss why brands are boycotting Facebook and how brands may play an increasingly political role.

Some of the biggest brands in the world have recently pulled their advertising from the Facebook ad platform over their mishandling of hate speech and misinformation.

While Zuckerberg has since backtracked to say the Facebook will now hide or block content considered hateful or that could harm voting, with no exception for politicians, many remain unconvinced as brands continue to pull ad spend.

In this video, we look at the political role brands are beginning to take on and what that means for brands and branding in the future, their broader brands strategy and their consumer relationships.

Promote your online store products and boost sales with a targeted ad campaign. Learn how you can create paid ads for Facebook and Instagram—all from your Wix site dashboard. Connect your online store to your Facebook business page, define your target audience, set your campaign budget and runtime. While your ad campaign runs, track engagements and sales performance right from your Wix dashboard. Wix’s smart machine-learning technology handles the rest, like automated A/B testing and performance optimization, so your ads get seen by the right people. Get started today!

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About Wix: lets everyone create a professional website for free. Choose a template, customize anything and get online today! No matter what business you’re in, Wix lets you create the exact website you want with our intuitive drag and drop website builder. Get stunning designer-made templates, 1000s of free images in the Wix Collection, SEO tools and tons of storage. Best of all, your Wix site is mobile optimized, so your visitors can see it anytime, anywhere.

How To Sell With Facebook Ads – Income Skill #1

00:00 Quotes

0:08 Introduction Facebook Ads

2:31 Channel Intro

3:32 Facebook Ads Blueprint Intro

5:35 Lesson Board (Strategy 1- Facebook Ads  To Sell Cheap Products)

7:21 Step 1

9:10 Step 2

9:22 Create Facebook Ads

11:40 Getting Sales

12:21 Targeting Non Buyers With facebook Ads

15:01 Facebook Ads Funnel Recap

16:36 Strategy 2- Facebook Ads  To Sell High-End Expensive Products

20:57 How To Track Non-Buyers

In this video, you will learn the skill to sell any product or service using Facebook Post And Facebook Ads. It does not matter if you are new, have no customer list or any fan following. This video is a step by step blueprint to sell products and make money using Facebook post and Facebook Ads.

Problem People Face With Facebook Ads:

Most people start a Facebook page but it never goes anywhere. They have a few friends and family members there and that’s it. Some hire freelancers to run Facebook ads for them. Unfortunately after spending a few thousand dollars they don’t get any results from these Facebook Ads and feel cheated. Then there are those who run Facebook ads themselves and still make no money.

In all these cases people get frustrated and think that either Facebook does not work for their business or they need to do something else to make money. Then hire more free lancers, redesign their website, and do a lot more but still have no results with Facebook and they give up.

I know this because I have been there myself. I have spent a lot of money and nothing worked. It took me a long time and a lot of money to figure out how Facebook ads work and how to make money with Facebook ads.

The Real Truth:

Facebook ads work great! No matter what your website or sales page looks like it will work for you and make you money. You don’t even need your own product. You can promote other people’s product with Facebook Ads to make money. You can sell your vacation pictures, sell books, sell shoes, sell puppies, event tickets and a lot more with Facebook ads and so much more.


In this video I will show you the proven Step-By-Step Facebook Blueprint to sell products and services online to make money. You can use this lesson to sell your own products or build Facebook Ads campaign for other people and charge them a fee. Learning Facebook Ads is a great money making skill. And this video will teach you everything you need to know about Selling products and services with Facebook.

If you want to master the skill to make money with Facebook, get my course on “How To Make Money With Facebook Ads”. You can get it here:

Hope this video help! If you have any questions, write them in the comment section and I will do my best to help you out. I respond to every single comment.

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Why is it that some Facebook ads make you go weak in the knees? While some just outright make you wanna pull out your hair? Short answer? It’s a seamless melange of targeting and content. Want the long answer? Join us LIVE as we deep-dive into the elusive world of Facebook ads with the master himself – Jordan Platten on 1st July 10 AM PST.

Major brands have stopped running facebook ads! This is what you need to know when it comes to staying updated and informed to keep your business profitable.

Daily Upload Schedule:

Monday – Winning Products

Tuesday – Facebook Ads

Wednesday – Dropshipping Top 10

Thursday – Current Events

Friday – Motivational

With people stuck at home now is the best time to build generational wealth. More and more people are on their phones everyday which has led to increased spending online, not in stores.

This video will show you how to utilize current events to navigate ecommerce in 2020 and beyond. #shopify #facebookads #shopifydropshipping

What’s going on guys! My name is Connor Chapman and I’ve been documenting my e-commerce journey for the last two years here on YouTube. I made videos on:

On this video I talk about:

DISCLAIMER: Any advice I give is solely based on my own experience and research. There is no guarantee as there are many variables that will impact your success. Everything stated should be taken as opinion.

THE BEST FORMAT FOR YOUR FACEBOOK ADS… is the one that gets you the best results, duh. I’m going to dive into the six different kinds of formats you can use for your Facebook Ads creative, and spill the beans on which ones always make me the most money. I even have a sneaky trick for those of you that don’t have any video ready to use… you’ll thank me later.

The types of Facebook Ads formats:

– Single Image

– Single Video

– Carousel

– Collection Ads

– Instagram Stories


Subscribers can email me at [email protected]


How to Scale Facebook Ads in 2020 (4 Methods!) –…

Which Audiences Should I Target on Facebook Ads? –…

Why Aren’t My Facebook Ads Working? (And What You Can Do to Fix Them) –…

Should I Use CBO or Ad Set Budgets on Facebook Ads? | HUGE FB Ads Update!!! –…


Hey friends, I’m Dara. I’ve been in the marketing biz for over 6 years. I’ve worked in-house for a travel startup, launched several e-commerce brands, and worked agency-side on creative & paid social teams. Before that I dreamed of being a life-long humanitarian: I started my career abroad (lived in West Africa, India, AND Egypt!) and came back to my sort-of native New York City where I started (and flunked) my own business. Now I’m a Director of Paid Social at a fully-remote advertising agency. I’m probably living in an Airbnb right now 🙂

This channel is for anyone who wished they had a friend who could teach them Facebook Ads. I’ll show you the ropes, give tips & tricks, and share my favorite “blueprints” for success. Have a Facebook Ads question? ASK ME! Maybe I’ll even make a video for it…

This is a full step by step tutorial of facebook ads for real estate 2020 including the special ad category for housing. This is the exact Facebook Lead ad that I ran for Realtors who wanted facebook lead generation for buyer leads, and I wanted to show you the best facebook ad for real estate and how to create a facebook lead ads 2020 for Realtors. Real Estate Facebook Ads are still one of the biggest opportunities, you just need to know how to do them properly.

🏡 MUST WATCH Videos for Realtors 🏡

Complete Facebook Ad Tutorial →

Facebook Special Ad Category →

Facebook Retargeting →

Instagram for Realtors →

Chatbots for Realtors →

LinkedIn for Realtors →

YouTube for Realtors →

#facebookads #facebookleads #realestate


Mike Sherrard is the founder of High Converting Content, an industry leading content marketing, personal branding, content repurposing and social media marketing agency that helps Entrepreneurs and Realtors explode their personal brand and business with creative strategies. We help Entrepreneurs across all industries monetize their content, grow their YouTube Channel, Instagram, and ultimate impact, influence and income through creative social media marketing strategy.

In this video, we discuss whether or not $5 budgets on Facebook are finally DEAD! Watch the video, the answer might surprise you. Contrary to popular belief, it’s really not about your daily budget. The focus should be on the spend as a whole and the rest of the complimentary data we are evaluating in our facebook ads!


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Targeting the wrong audience wastes Time and Money. You’ll end up creating marketing campaigns for people who want nothing to do with you and they may even make your advert account have issues.

Today I talk about Bobrisky, what to do about Targeting and how to fix wrong targeting.

I talk about Audience Insights, Custom and Lookalike Audiences. Watch and Learn.

My name is Victor Anyanwu, I am Business and Healthcare Social Media Strategist. Follow me on,,,

I can help you attract prospects and convert them to paying customers.

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